Why living nowhere in the world is better than on the Costa Blanca

Everything is relative, we know. And there’s no arguing about tastes and colors, that’s also true.

For example, Dixie Dansercourt might dream of Spitsbergen rather than Benidorm or La Zenia. And there are also Belgian tourists who swear by the steppes of Kalmykia or the shores of Lake Peipus. Or those oddballs who are perfectly happy with a meal of ground sheep’s head in a yurt in Mongolia.

But in general, we can say with some certainty: there is no place on earth where it is better to live than the Costa Blanca.

And all because of these 10 reasons:

1. You are close to home

Yes, we get it if you think we have fallen on our heads and keep bouncing. Indeed, a cursory glance at the road map of Europe shows that the distance between Belgium and the Costa Blanca is almost 2000 kilometers. Not right at the door.

Still, from Belgium you can be on the Costa Blanca in a few hours. A flight to Spain does not take much longer than a car ride from Limburg to the Belgian coast. So you can stand in the rain on the Brussels Ring Road in the morning and lick an ice cream on the beach of El Campello or Villajoyosa in the afternoon.

plane lands at sunset

The popularity of the Spanish coasts has created a large supply of flights to them from all over Europe. Airlines are trying to outdo each other to win over sunbathers. From several airports in Belgium, you can fly daily to Valencia, Alicante or Murcia.

2. You never feel lonely there

And this is because it is easy to make friends on the Costa Blanca. You will encounter expats – with a solid colony of Belgians to watch the Red Devils’ matches – as well as friendly Spaniards. No grumpy faces here, such as you might run into on a drizzly day in Belgium. Smiling faces though – how would you be yourself?

friends at the table

Evenings with friends last a long time in Spain.

Most of life takes place outdoors. After all, it would be a shame not to enjoy that ever-present, delicious sunshine. On the Costa Blanca, locals and tourists love to sit on terraces forever, eating and drinking and fraternizing late into the night. So don’t be surprised at how easy it is to make friends here.

3. The climate is the best in Europe

Again: perhaps what we claim is not objective. You may be partial to humidity, cold and wind that seems to come straight from the deep freeze. In that case, the Costa Blanca may not be for you. If you do have all your screws, this Spanish region will warm not only your heart, but also your body.

We could talk here about the warm sun on your back during a nap on the beach, about the lack of inclement north wind that blows you off the dike in Ostend, about the babelut-colored sunsets that merge with the ocean. But really, all it takes is a few numbers:

Average temperature – January 12°C
Average temperature – August 26°C
Annual hours of sunshine 2953
Annual number of rainy days 35
Annual precipitation in millimeters 277
Average temperature – sea water 19,6°C
girl in the rain

Fans of rain … must be elsewhere.

Which leads us to the following:

4. It is healthy for you

In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Mediterranean climate of the Costa Blanca is one of the most favorable in the world. This is certainly reflected in life expectancy in Spain, one of the very highest globally. Do you remember that TV ad for olive oil, in which a gang of Italian oldies are playing gritty soccer? Well, Bertolli might as well have recorded it on the Costa Blanca.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Although you don’t have to perform such breakneck feats to do so in Spain.

There is not only the healthy diet, but also the presence of sun and sea.

Sunshine has endless medical benefits, from lower blood pressure and ditto cholesterol over a strengthened immune system to a reduced risk of depression. And you are sure to meet your quota of vitamin D, essential for bone health, to lose extra fat and fight cancer.

The healing power of the sea has been known for centuries. “The sea purifies us from all diseases,” wrote the Greek poet Euripides in the fifth century. Hippocrates (the one of the doctor’s oath, yes) also treated his patients with sea water.

Do not think that such talk is that of nature witches and hover bitches (m/f) from higher spheres. No, the local University of Alicante confirmed one thing in a study, in collaboration with a pharmaceutical lab: the salt water has properties that strengthen the immune system and arm our bodies against viruses, bacteria and other unwanted guests. The Mediterranean environment is cleansing for people with rheumatism, asthma, chronic bronchitis, skin and respiratory diseases.

Why do you think people speak of “healthy sea air”? No one is talking about “healthy city air,” right?

5. You can drink a beer made of seawater that won’t give you a hangover

Speaking of seawater salvation, on the Costa Blanca you can feast on Er Boqueron, a craft beer made with filtered seawater. The beer was brewed by La Soccarada, a brewery from Xativa, inland between Alicante and Valencia.

Er Boqueron

Er Boqueron

Because La Soccarada uses the purest Mediterranean seawater, it contains
enough minerals to hydrate your body as you drink it. So basically, after frequent refueling of Er Boqueron, the male is a sweet kitten rather than a saber-toothed tiger. Handy during such an endless night of fiesta.

According to the brewer himself, Er Boqueron tastes excellent with tapas, smoked Spanish ham, fried fish or charcuterie, all culinary delights mastered by chefs on the Costa Blanca.

6. Integrating is a breeze

Change does not always come naturally. Adapting to a new country, a new language, new cuisine and new customs, … it is not given to everyone. A healthy dose of cold feet is in order then. But do know that taking the step effectively is the most difficult moment of the whole process, much more so than the integration itself. That one will walk away. Hey, you’re not moving to Papua New Guinea or Timbuktu, are you!

The Costa Blanca possesses enough exoticism to enchant, to make you dream away and visions of sun-drenched beaches burn on your retinas. But at the same time, it is not the end of the world. You can be in Belgium in a few hours, find plenty of recognizable products in the stores and don’t have to twist your tongue in a thousand knots and turns to learn Estonian, Indonesian or Creole. Many people on the Costa Blanca speak English and you will be speaking Spanish in no time, take it from us.

spanish glossary

Español? Muy fácil!

In other words, Spain is an easy country to live in. Many Flemings have gone before you and most of them have made the move to a favorable conclusion. More so, most curse themselves for not making the decision much earlier. So why couldn’t you follow in their footsteps?

7. Nature is bloody beautiful

And we’re not just talking about the multitude of golden beaches (more than 100!), the pristine turquoise sea or the secret creeks. Despite the hordes of tourists who lay down their beach towels there in the summer, the beaches are clean and well-maintained and the water is clean. Witness this: nowhere in Europe will you find such a large number of beaches with a Blue Flag, an indication of quality.

The lesser-known hinterland is also picturesque. Rocky mountains with castles and fortresses that hint at a treasured past, valleys full of orange and almond trees and vines, lakes that invite a spontaneous splash – sometimes it is hard not to imagine yourself in a movie in sepia.


That the apple oranges come from Spain? We already knew this when we believed in St. Nicholas.

8. You never get bored there, not during the day….

Even beach haters with sun allergies will never grow a CandyCrush addiction out of boredom. The Costa Blanca is more than just sun, sea and sand. There is enough to do to try something new every day of the week. Culture and art, nature, cities or countryside, shopping or sports – the Costa Blanca has it all.

We talked in a previous item about nature enticing hikers and birders. With the family, you can take a trip to a safari or nature park. Action enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies can try one of the many water sports: scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, flyboarding, paddle boarding or boat tours. Should we continue? The region is also home to an unlikely number of top-quality golf courses.


Those who want to try something new can venture into this crazy water sport – flyboarding,

Feel like shopping?
! Here you can literally store until you drop. In summer, some are open until midnight. Think about that when in Belgium the stores close before you can leave your office, and consequently you have to take a day off work to go buy a new outfit. On the Costa Blanca, you put your husband on a terrace (just ask for his credit card), push the offspring into the chair at a make-up artist and you can shop endlessly. Not to mention the markets, where you can buy anything and everything at local prices.

9. …nor at night

Think further of it all you want, but Benidorm is a Costa Blanca experience not to be missed. Where else can you behold an Elvis impersonator among a gang of drunken Brits who look more like crayfish than homo sapiens? Right, yes. And on the other side of town you will find the more authentic Benidorm, with Spanish tapas bars and a more civilized version of nightlife fun. Read: fewer Brits.

party benidorm

What happens in Benidorm, stays in Benidorm.

But you can also party elsewhere on the Costa Blanca until you can’t
can say any more. The thousands of fiestas are an important part of Spanish culture. This usually involves the celebration of a local patron saint, although for Spaniards this is just an excuse to eat, drink and dance into the early hours.


10. You eat like a king there

We have sung the praises of Mediterranean cuisine on this page before, most recently in this article on lesser-known Spanish dishes. The shores are dotted with cocktail bars and small restaurants where you can relax and enjoy the fresh fish expertly grilled.

The Costa Blanca is also a melting pot of nationalities, not least because of the large colony of expatriates. That also means you will find food from the four corners of the world. Should you ever get tired of Mediterranean cuisine – not that we can imagine – you can sample food from all over the world here.

We could go on and on, but our point is made: living on the Costa Blanca is unbridled enjoyment, of sun, sea, beach and delicious food. The energy of the 200 kilometers of Mediterranean coast between Valencia and Alicante is contagious, its charm enchanting and never letting go.

Have you only been dreaming for the time being, but would you like to find out if a (second) home in Spain is among your financial possibilities? Or are you already further along in the buying process and looking for a reliable partner? In either case, you can turn to Gold Estates.

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