Top 10 reasons to live and work in Spain

There are many reasons why people choose to live and work full-time in Spain. From the favorable weather conditions and friendly, hospitable locals to the culture, food, health care and affordable cost of living.

Here are some of the main reasons to move to Spain!

The favorable climate

Spain has one of the best climates in Europe. As a result, many foreign residents prefer their Spanish homes during the off-season to live and work there. After all, Spain is known for its fantastic weather! That means you will be able to enjoy a lot of sunny days a year. Some regions do see some snow, but Spanish winters are rarely very cold. Compared to other countries, Spain is a temperate country with mild weather that satisfies everyone. Summers are relatively warm with little rain, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

Favorable climate

Spanish culture

Spanish culture is similar to most other Western countries. So you don’t have to expect huge culture shock or adjustments when you start living and working there. Food and cuisine will be similar, as will customs and traditions. You’ll find spectacular architecture, several world-class museums and music is also an important part of Spanish culture. Spaniards are also generally quiet and family-oriented people. The “mañana” mentality may take some adjustment for Belgians: what can wait until tomorrow will also be postponed more quickly. They do not rush and are frequently late. From our own “always on” mentality, that takes some getting used to.

The food

Not only do locals think Spanish food is the best, many foreigners also praise Spanish food culture. That statement is certainly not misplaced thanks to the number of fantastic Spanish dishes. Scrambled eggs with “morcilla de Burgos” and paprika set the tone for a glorious morning. Black coffee is deliciously flavored with some “Morcilla achorizada.” The fruity and refreshing Galician white wines, “Bocadillo de Calamares,” “Cocido montañés” and “fabada,” to name a few, are toppers of the country’s rich, nutritious cuisine. Classic Spanish wines are also successful, such as the successful “Rioja,” for example. Moreover, food in Spain is also cheaper compared to neighboring countries. The healthy Mediterranean diet of fresh vegetables, fish and meat is one of the reasons that many emigrants choose Spain as a destination to live and work

Spanish food

Outdoor activities

Thanks to the warm weather, Spaniards live outside much more than we do. Terraces and gardens can be found everywhere, always populated by heaps of Spaniards making it cozy. Moreover, there is very much nature and almost 5,000 km of vast coastlines. The many beautiful sandy beaches will help you relax and cool off and also offer lots of sports activities. Are you more of a city person? Then in the cities you will find all your heart desires, including plenty of bars and restaurants.

Friendly locals

Spaniards are also known for being very friendly and relaxed. They strike up conversations with strangers as easily as with friends. They are very open and show affection easily, to the point where it can even come across as flirtatious. The locals will welcome you with open arms, especially if you make an effort to join the Spanish lifestyle yourself. Moreover, Spaniards are also very curious and always willing to deal with foreigners. This makes it easy to live and work in Spain and become part of the local environment!

Living and working in Spain

Affordable cost of living

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Spain is lower. They enjoy a high quality of life for much less money. Even in big cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, the cost of making a living is easily affordable for average earners. So Spain is a cheap place to live and work and live, which is why many people move there. Depending on where you decide to settle, you will pay much less rent and utilities in Spain than in Belgium. You can save and at the same time live a comfortable life and enjoy what Spain has to offer – even with an average salary.

Quality health care

Health care in Spain is very well organized. The country boasts quality and efficient health care for citizens, and even legal immigrants. Foreigners and expats can also take advantage of the “Sistema Nacional de Salud” (SNS), Spain’s national health system, when working in Spain. In addition, retirees and immigrants are also always entitled to treatment in a first-aid department. As an employee, your employer pays your social security, giving you free access to health care


Working in Spain

If you are from the European Union, you will have no problem working in Spain. You don’t need special permits or visas, you can fly right in. Starting a job in Spain, involves as much paperwork as changing jobs in Belgium. You still have to arrange the move and your home, of course – but going to work is no problem at all.

Public transportation

Those who live full-time in Spain obviously need to be able to get around, especially if you work further from home. Easy and accessible public transportation is therefore a must. Fortunately, Spain has an excellent network of public transportation. Moreover, public transportation is also affordable, even for low-income people. There are streetcars, trains, buses, cabs, airports … Everything you need! International travel within Europe, to visit friends and family back home, is also not expensive. Spain is a very touristy and popular destination, so flights are not expensive.

Public transportation

Buy property

There are no specific conditions for foreigners to buy a house or apartment in Spain if they want to come and live and work there full-time. The Spanish government encourages foreign investment in real estate, so owning a property is perfectly feasible – without too much stress. If you plan to settle in Spain, it is also definitely recommended to buy a property, as it is cheaper than renting in the long run. More than 70% of foreigners who call Spain home live in their own homes. So it is perfectly possible! Moreover, the economy has also been on the decline recently, causing real estate prices to fall in parts of the country.

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