Spending the winter in Spain saves you a lot of money

We have already told you that the cost of living in Spain is a lot lower than in Belgium. Those who hibernate under the Spanish sun can not only park themselves on a terrace in well of winter, but also take advantage of the cheaper prices.

A shopping cart of groceries, an evening at a restaurant or the fixed costs of your house: all cost a smack less in Spain. Thus, a residence in Spain becomes not only the most pleasant choice, but also the most profitable. Many Belgians now realize this. Björn Cocquyt, the housing expert of Het Laatste Nieuws, sought out some of them.

Serge and Chris, Costa Blanca South: “Eleven euros for a three-course meal of the day and a bottle of wine”

Serge and Chris bought a home in Algorfa, 20 minutes from Torrevieja. The Costa Blanca attracted them mainly because of its vibrancy. “During our house hunting, we stayed in Costa Almeria for two weeks, but there wasn’t a living soul there by October. Here there is always something to do.” The couple enjoys having a coffee with the other Belgians in the neighborhood during the winter in the sunshine on the terrace, wearing a T-shirt and shorts. “And then we muse about cold Belgium,” Serge grins.

Serge notices that life is cheaper in Spain. “We certainly don’t live with our fingers on the pulse and still only spend around 1,000 euros a month. If we eat out two or three times every week, and also go out on the weekends, that can add up to 1,400 to 1,500 euros.” Prices are sometimes ridiculously low in Spain, he believes. “For a three-course dish of the day and a bottle of wine, we pay 11 euros. And with 50 euros we already fill our shopping cart nicely.”

The fixed costs of the couple are also a lot lower than in Belgium. Omnium car insurance for a third of the price. Internet, TV and cell phone half. And the community cost for their house is 600 euros. “For our apartment in Middelkerke, we paid 1,300 euros,” says Serge. “If you do the summing up, you are doing an excellent job of living in Spain.”

Martine and Mathieu, Costa Calida: “We can save from our retirement”.

Martine and Mathieu spend the winter on the Costa Calida, south of the Costa Blanca. “We also looked in France, Portugal and northern Spain, but nowhere was the weather as good as here,” they say. According to the couple, the difference in cost of living with Belgium is enormous. “We can live perfectly well here on our pension. More so, we save every month.” This comes in handy when the children and grandchildren come to visit and Martine and Mathieu rent an apartment for them on the property. Its rent comes to 500 euros per month, excluding expenses.

Bob and Anne, Costa Blanca North: “Better restaurants are cheaper than in Belgium”.

In the north of the Costa Blanca, Bob and Anne found a dream spot on top of a rock next to the water. Thanks to the nearby mountains, they enjoy a microclimate – less hot summers, mild winters. “And we still find the view phenomenal after all these years. It never gets boring, because the sky and the water look different every time.” On one of their many terraces, such as the gazebo they built, they often think about how great the contrast is with the Belgian climate. “With the sun on our faces and a glass of wine in hand.”

Real estate and the cost of living may be more expensive in the wide area of Benitachell than elsewhere on the Costa Blanca, but compared to Belgium, Bob and Anne are still better off. “In one of the better restaurants on the beach you should count on about 30 euros for a sea bass or a filet pur, but that is still cheaper than in Belgium. The cadastral income is also a lot lower. I find the electricity expensive, especially for those who consume more than average. But we’re willing to pay for it if we can swim laps in our heated pool in winter.”

Price comparison Spain versus Belgium

Het Laatste Nieuws also took the test. Spain came out cheaper on all counts.

In the supermarket: Spain is 48.37% cheaper

  • Coca-Cola Zero: €0.76 – €1.45
  • Milk: €0.58 – €0.89
  • Red wine Marques de Casares Reserva: €11.85 – €15.99
  • Granny Smith: €1.69 – €2.49
  • Tomatoes: €1.65 – €1.69
  • Potatoes: €0.79 – €1.10
  • Rice: €0.99 – €1.39
  • Golden bream/dorse: €7.50 – €16.50
  • French bread: €0.45 – €0.69
  • Butter spread Président: €2.95 – €3.29
  • Strawberry jam: €2.32 – €2.78
  • Magnum mini: €4.29 -€5.15
  • Ariel wax capsules: €0.25 – €0.51
  • Colgate toothpaste: €2.69 – €3.59
  • Canned cat food Felix: €0,79 – €1,07

Total: €39.48 – €58.58

In the better brasserie: Belgium is 95.15% more expensive

  • Filet pur: €18.95 – €33
  • Sea bass: €12.90 – €21.50
  • Gin-tonic: €5 – €12
  • Glass of white wine: €3,5 – €5
  • Bottle of water: €0 – €7
  • Tarte-tatin: €5 – €10

Total: €45.35 – €88.50

Fixed costs at home: Belgium is twice as expensive

  • Internet, tv and two cell phones: €45 – €105
  • Electricity: €25 – €48
  • Natural gas: €35 – €57

Total: €105 – €210

At the pump: a full tank is eight percent cheaper in Spain

Euro super 95 (liter): €1.593 – €1.719



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