Six of the ten sunniest cities in Europe are in Spain

We have known it for some time, but now it has been officially confirmed once again: nowhere do sunbathers get their money’s worth more than in Spain. The website Holidu, a search engine for vacation rentals, ranked the 300 largest cities in Europe. The conclusion: for a dose of vitamin D, the Spanish costas are the place to be. From Brussels or Antwerp there is – what would you have thought? – no way.

1/ Alicante (Spain)

  • Average 349 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 19°C.

“It’s official: Alicante is the sunniest city in Europe,” writes Holidu. It calls the capital of the Costa Blanca “the ultimate destination for travelers looking for sunshine.” Near Alicante, epicureans will find more than ten hours of sunshine a day, blood-gorgeous beaches and clear seawater to cool off in. “And if that’s not enough, Alicante profiles itself as a beautiful city with a colorful old town, a multitude of museums and historical sites, a cartload of excellent restaurants and a lively nightlife.”

2/ Catania (Italy)

  • Average 347 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 20°C.

On the island of Sicily, at the foot of Mount Etna, lies the sunniest city in Italy. Catania is a port city with a baroque center, crowned by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. So there is a lot of history to be picked up here as well. The locals’ favorite beach is called – unoriginal – La Playa.

3/ Murcia (Spain)

  • Average 346 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 20°C.

Capital of the region of the same name, located on the Costa Cálida. Holidu points to the microclimate that prevails here. “That provides hot temperatures and hot water all year round.” The website praises Murcia’s endless beaches, coves that are excellent for swimming, water sports and sunbathing. Finally, the historic center is worth a visit for lovers of the better architectural gems.

4/ Malaga (Spain)

  • An average of 345 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 20°C.

This port city on the Costa del Sol is popular with tourists all year round, according to Holidu, but especially during the hot summer months. You don’t have to look far to find the reason: a skyline to beat
and a multitude of hotels and resorts where you can dip your toes into the sand make Malaga a perfect choice for those who want to combine city break with beach. There is also much to experience here for the culture lover. Malaga is not the birthplace of Pablo Picasso for nothing.

5/ Messina (Italy)

  • An average of 345 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 19°C.

Yet another port city in Sicily, where especially in the summer one cruise ship after another docks. Beautiful shores, one of the island’s most statuesque cathedrals and marble fountains complete the picture.

6/ Valencia (Spain)

  • Average 343 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 20°C.

Like Malaga, this port city on the southeastern coast of Spain is, according to Holidu, “ideal for combining city break with beach.” The website’s arguments include the City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic building complex, but also the streets and squares where it is pleasant to stroll. “Also don’t forget to taste paella here, this is the birthplace of the dish.” Holidu recommends flushing with Agua de Valencia, a cocktail of cava, orange juice, vodka and gin. You would start to masquerade your v’s and b’s for less.

7/ Nice (France)

  • Average 342 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 17°C.

On the French Riviera, Nice strings together sandy beaches, bars and restaurants with culture, architecture and, above all, a fantastic climate. Founded by the Greeks, propelled in the 19th century by the European elite to what it is today. Holidu touts the Promenade des Anglais as indispensable during any city break, a seven-kilometer chain of beach clubs, ice cream stands and luxury hotels.

8/ Las Palmas (Spain)

  • Average of 341 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 20°C.

The Canary Islands flirt with northwestern Africa – so it’s no wonder that the sun is rampant here. Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria, a great base for exploring the rest of the archipelago. “Especially ideal off-season,” Holidu believes. “The average temperature in October and November is 21 degrees.”

9/ Granada (Spain)

  • Average of 341 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 17°C.

“A city full of romance and magic, a picture-perfect place to escape reality with your partner,” says Holidu. Situated at the foot of the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada, Granada is home to a multitude of cultures. These reflect in the architecture and everyday life in this city. Holidu praises the sunset in the Albaicin neighborhood, in front of the Alhambra, as one of the best anywhere. Also, a walk along the Paseo de los Tristos – a street full of scents and the atmosphere of flamenco – fills any romantic heart with desire.

10/ Palermo

  • Average 340 hours of sunshine per month.
  • Average temperature: 19°C.

Sicily’s capital is also a melting pot of cultures. Where, according to connoisseurs, you can taste the very best Sicilian street food. Also present: the largest opera house on the island and many historic buildings listed by UNESCO.

And further…

11/ Seville (Spain) 340 hours – 21°C.
12/ Zaragoza (Spain) 340 hours – 17°C.
13/ Marseille (France) 339 hrs – 17°C.
14/ Barcelona (Spain) 339 hrs – 18°C.
15/ Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 337 hrs – 19°C.
16/ Tirana (Albania) 336 hours – 17°C.
17/ Rome (Italy) 336 hours – 18°C.
18/ Athens (Greece) 335 hrs – 20°C.
19/ Madrid (Spain) 335 hrs – 18°C.
20/ Naples (Italy) 334 hrs – 19°C.
21/ Bari (Italy) 333 hrs – 19°C.
22/ Turin (Italy) 331 hours – 14°C.
23/ Valladolid (Spain) 329 hrs – 14°C.
24/ Sofia (Bulgaria) 327 hrs – 12°C.
25/ Zurich (Switzerland) 326 hrs – 11°C.
26/ Verona (Italy) 323 hrs – 16°C.
27/ Lisbon (Portugal) 321 hrs – 18°C.
28/ Venice (Italy) 317 hrs – 16°C.
29/ Milan (Italy) 313 hrs – 16°C.
30/ Florence (Italy) 310 hrs – 16°C.



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