All the advantages of winter in Spain

Do you sometimes wonder why Spain is the ideal destination for so many tourists and visitors from all over the world? Every year, thousands of Europeans, including many Belgians, travel to Spain. For pleasure, for work, for family, … Those who spend the winter in Spain do so primarily to escape the cold, dark winter.

The temperate climate

Why do we all want to spend winter in Spain in such numbers? Because the weather is very temperate in certain parts of Spain. If you are near the Pyrenees, you will experience the same weather as ours. So winters there can get very cold, with temperatures just above freezing and a chance of rain, snow and sleet. But if you head south toward the Costa Blanca, you’ll find yourself in Spain’s temperate climate. In winter, the average temperature there remains 15 degrees and quite dry. The Costa del Sol is equally warm in winter, but there is a slightly higher chance of rain there.

Winter in Spain

Below you can see the average weather forecast for Benidorm, in the heart of Costa Blanca.

Maximum temperature Minimum temperature Number of hours of sunshine per day Number of days of precipitation
January 16°C 7°C 6 hours 5 days
February 16°C 9°C 6 hours 5 days
March 18°C 10°C 7 hours 5 days
April 21°C 10°C 8 hours 6 days
May 25°C 14°C 9 hours 5 days
June 28°C 19°C 10 hours 2 days
July 31°C 21°C 11 am 1 day
August 31°C 22°C 9 hours 2 days
September 28°C 20°C 8 hours 3 days
October 23°C 15°C 7 hours 5 days
November 20°C 11°C 6 hours 6 days
December 17°C 8°C 5 hours 5 days

So although temperatures are slightly lower in winter in Spain, the sun does continue to shine. So you can also enjoy the winter on a terrace under a winter sun. Besides, all that sunshine does wonders for your mood, too! In fact, winter dips are not caused by cold weather, but by a lack of sunshine. When your body sees little sun, it produces more melatonin (a hormone that makes you sleepy). The more sun you are exposed to, the more energy you will have. And who doesn’t get happy with a sunny day?

Location, location, location

You see, not all regions have such a temperate climate that even winter in Spain stays warm. Would you like to spend the winter in the sun in Spain? Then you need to head toward the Costa Blanca, the Costa del Sol or the Costa Calida. While doing so, be sure to watch the environment of your new home, we’ve already explained that too: Location, location, location. The best places to spend the winter in Spain are found mainly in the Costa Blanca, the Costa del Sol and the Costa Calida.


Healthier living

Anyone who goes to Spain in the summer will soon realize that the life of Spaniards takes place outside. Spaniards live most of their lives outdoors! Thanks to the temperate climate, this is also possible in winter in Spain. As a result, the lifestyle of many Spaniards is healthier. Because everyone knows that the outdoors and sunshine are good for you. Moreover, when the weather is nice, it is also easier to exercise. Spaniards love walking outside – whether there is a bull chasing them or not.

Outside in winter in Spain

Winter jogging in Spain

Cycling in winter in Spain

Moreover, the warm climate is also good for people struggling with health problems. Those who easily catch colds in cold weather or who suffer from rheumatism, for example, will feel much better in Spain. Respiratory problems such as asthma are also less prominent in Spain, as Frank – who divides his time between Antwerp and San Miguel de Salinas – proves.

Cheap living in Spain

Spain is also cheaper than most European countries. After the 2008 real estate crisis, property prices in Spain plummeted. The real estate market is doing better and better, yet prices are still a lot lower in Spain than in neighboring European countries. So those looking to purchase a second home for the winter are a lot cheaper off in Spain. The cost of living is also lower: shopping is cheaper, you pay less for utilities, going to restaurants is less expensive, …

In this video you will find an example of the cost of living in Madrid (in $):

Less paperwork

Moreover, those who buy a second home in Spain to spend the winter will not have as much paperwork to deal with. All you need is an N.I.E. number, your tax identification number for in Spain. You can read more about that here: The N.I.E. number: essential for buying or living in Spain.

Why Gold Estates

Renting or buying in winter in Spain?

There are many opportunities to rent something cozy in Spain to spend the winter. But especially in the temperate areas, it is always crowded with many tourists and thus prices remain higher. If you plan to move to the same region every winter, it is better to buy a cottage or apartment there. This way you have a second home to move into, with all the comforts of home, and you can leave whenever you want.

Of course, it is important to choose a good partner in that case. The Spanish real estate market is different from ours, and language can also be a barrier. This is why we are happy to assist you step by step with advice and assistance from Belgium. Are you curious? Then contact us! Our years of experience as developers, contractors and real estate agents are at your disposal!



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