A vacation home in Spain, does that appeal to you?

Spain has long been a favorite destination for those looking for a vacation rental, and with good reason. It has a sunny climate in the south of Europe, is easily accessible, and its beautiful landscape rich in history and extensive coastline offer something for everyone. Those who often travel to Spain on vacation and develop a close relationship with a specific region, then quickly take the step of purchasing a vacation home in Spain. They get to know that region even better, integrate into the local community and have a second home in Spain to return to each year.

Still not convinced? Living in Spain is heavenly and for these 8 reasons


The biggest advantage of a vacation rental in Spain, is that you can go there as often as you want – whether you decide to do so a month or a day in advance. A comfortable last-minute visit to Spain is never as easy as when a home is already waiting for you. Whether you want to get away from it all quickly, or relax for several weeks in the summer, it’s all possible! If you have the space for it, it is also very easy – planned or unplanned – to bring some friends or family members along on the trip.

last minute to Spain

Apartment or home?

At Gold Estates, we offer both apartments and houses in Spain. Which one is right for you? It depends on what exactly you expect from your vacation nongong in Spain. Do you plan to spend a lot of time there and invite friends and family over regularly? Then a house is ideal because you have the space to host guests. It is also the most convenient solution.

But if you will mainly spend shorter periods in Spain and you don’t want to or can’t pay too much attention to your vacation home in Spain, we’d rather recommend an apartment. Due to the limited(er) space, there is less maintenance work on it. A second advantage of an apartment is the superintendent of the building! Who takes care of the shared spaces and is also always nearby should anything go wrong. Burglary, storm damage, power outages … these problems can all be taken care of by a supervisor. You may pay a little for it, but it also gives you peace of mind that your vacation home in Spain is being looked after.

house or apartment?

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A garden or no garden, that is the question

Those who go to Spain to enjoy the scenery and sunny climate naturally want to spend a lot of time there. Choosing a home with a garden sounds very appealing then. Remember that the larger the garden is, the more work needs to be put into it. If you don’t travel to Spain regularly then, you might find yourself spending most of your vacation working in the garden. For those who like to garden and plow in the garden, this is an ideal vacation!

large garden in spain

If you’d rather not do that, you have two options: hire someone to maintain your garden or opt for a patio or balcony.

balcony in spain

Besides, a private garden may not be necessary at all. In fact, Spaniards spend much of their time outdoors. Consequently, there are numerous parks, squares and public gardens to visit. Ask a local or walk around the region to discover these green spots.

park in Barcelona

Green in Barcelona

park in Valencia

A park in Valencia

You certainly won’t be the only one

Spain is the third most popular destination for tourists worldwide – only France and America are more popular. Some 75 million tourists visit every year! And although real estate prices have gradually begun to rise again since 2015, it is still cheap to buy a home there compared to other European countries. Tourism and low property prices mean that more and more people are choosing to buy a vacation home in Spain and spend their vacations there.

2 golden tips to buy your vacation home in Spain

Embark on this adventure with the right partner!

The Spanish real estate market is different from ours, and the language can be a barrier if you don’t speak Spanish well. Moreover, there are also a lot of charlatans and cheaters who try to fool foreigners. At Gold Estates we speak your language and we have an office in Belgium and in Spain. Moreover, you never buy a vacation home unseen either. After you explain to us what you’re looking for, we’ll take you on site exploration. We will then not only tour the homes, but also the surroundings and facilities in the neighborhood!


Choose your location carefully

The right location is the most important thing in finding your dream vacation rental! The house, the furnishings, the garden, you can still change all that. So are you planning to buy a vacation home in Spain? Then write down what is indispensable for your Spanish vacations: touristy or not, countryside or city, on the coast or inland, lots of sights, nature environment, … Don’t know where to start? Well, from our experience, there are 3 very popular regions in Spain:

  • The Costa Blanca is Spain’s most touristic costa with more than 200 km of sandy and rocky beaches
  • One of the sunniest regions is the Costa Del Sol, and you will also find many golf resorts.
  • In turn, the Costa Calida is less touristy, and truly authentic Spanish.

Countless foreigners spend their vacations here, and the locals are used to that. You will get by very well with English and a few words of Spanish here. There are also many vacation rentals to be found thanks to the influx of tourists each summer.

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Are you ready?

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